Day 68 (25.6 miles)

Crask Inn to Kinbrace

After a cracking time at the Crask Inn it was time to wander eastwards towards the finishing line.

I set off at about 9.00, and straight onto the boggy moorland track that would take me up past a final Munro (Ben Klibreck) and into ‘flow’ country, the route littered by massive lochs all day. After the climb up Bealach Easach the view of the first two lochs (Loch a’ Bhealaich & Loch Choire) was breathtaking… amazing.

I knew that I’d be walking past them both as far as my eye could see. At the end of Loch Choire is Loch Choire Estate Shooting Lodge – it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s serviced by a gravel/sand access track, I’d follow this for the next 13 miles.

The weather was heavily overcast and rain threatened all the time. But I got away with a couple of fleeting showers. At the end of the estate track I joined the B871 and followed this to Kinbrace.

Because I walked all the way to Kinbrace today, I’m a day ahead of schedule…. So I’ll probably take my final ‘rest day’ in Watten.

Wild camping tonight so no beer or whisky just cheese baps & pork pie.

Mileage count: 1,193.2
Pint count: 252
economy: 37.9mpg
Malt Whisky count: 26

4 thoughts on “Day 68 (25.6 miles)”

  1. Nick, it’s absolutely incredible to hear all about your venture! Wild camping, walking past loch after loch, Ben Nevis… the ever impressive list lives on! Well done Mr Manning; you’re doing outstanding!

  2. Just caught up with the last few posts Nick. Some tough days but the finish line is in sight! I had a feeling that you would choose the wild camping route. The mpg will increase though.

  3. Well mate nearly there, I hope the weather remains reasonably kind to you.The terrain looks very inhospitable but I dare say it has it’s redeeming features.

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