Day 70 (19.6 miles)

‘Dail Righe’ to Watten

The penultimate walking day!
Again, it had rained all night, and it was freezing cold in the tent, I was so much looking forward to getting to Watten and a comfy bed.

Luckily I wasn’t raining when I woke, so after changing back into my wet clothes from yesterday, I packed away the tent. The cold wind from the north didn’t give any midges the chance of being around which I chose to see as positive.

I set off, continuing along the access road passing along the way many derelict, dilapidated buildings. Some of which would have been quite grand in their day – Dalnawillan Lodge for example. (‘Google Image’ it)

This road went on & on for what seemed like miles. Towards it’s end is Loch More, it’s peat & sand beach looking out of place in such a cold, inhospitable place.

My guidebook suggested today’s route should give the opportunity to ‘ford’ a river. Well after the rain over the last two days I wasn’t even going to entertain the notion. My boots were wet enough as it was, thanks.

I decided instead to take the ‘road route’ to Watten, faster, drier, all round better. The wind again was unbearable, I just wanted to get there as soon as possible.

I eventually got to the B870 and followed it across the busy A9 & 6 miles later to the sanctuary of the Brown Trout Hotel.

“And now, the end is near
I’ve travelled each and every highway
And more, much more than this…..”

Some stats:
Mileage count: 1,229.7
Pint count: 255
economy: 38.6mpg
Malt Whisky count: 28

11 thoughts on “Day 70 (19.6 miles)”

  1. have yourself a wee dram and enjoy the comfort. I might have a wee singleton myself and toast your health.

  2. oh cool, Nick.
    Unbearable wind, soaking wet, miles and miles of tarmac or open soggy moorland?
    You’ve finally removed any residual ‘yen’ I had to walk that walk. Not at any age or any level of fitness I’ve ever enjoyed could I have done what you’ve done.
    well done and goodbye
    (ta for the blog)

  3. I’ve just been checking out the Brown Trout Hotel’s website and I noticed the “Getting Here” section covers the usual means of transport. Perhaps you could suggest they add “walking from Lands End” to the list?

  4. Great achievement, you did it…you did it your way! Een geweldige prestatie. ! Greatings Jan Doornkamp Netherlands.

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