Day 72 (19.3 miles)

Watten to John O’Groats

Today would be the last day on my trek. I had a hearty breakfast at the Brown Trout and set off at about 8:45.

There were 2 route options today. (1) Head east and walk towards the cliff tops along the east coast or (2) follow the road route north. For route (1) the guidebook says “the route is mainly between the cliff-top fence and the cliff top, and these are occasionally uncomfortably close to each other” – now that sounds ok, but for the last day on a walk from Lands End? I didn’t fancy pushing my luck, so maybe not.

I continued along the B870 from where I’d left it on Monday passing Loch Watten along the way. Shortly afterwards I turned left onto the busy B876 before turning off onto a quiet, long, straight road that would take me north east to the north coast at Gills Bay. I paused briefly at the roadside trig point (66m) for a final day selfie.

From Gills there was just 6-7miles through Canisbay and the outskirts of John O’Groats to my favoured finish line at the trig point at Duncansby Head (63m).

It was about 2pm when I glimpsed the lighthouse on the horizon. The finish was in sight. I was excited, but slightly saddened to be finishing my epic adventure.

As I approached I could see Adele & her mum waving. It was an emotional moment. I had done it!

At the trig, there was ‘well done’ bunting, champagne & glasses and another big surprise, my mum & Martyn had travelled up to greet me at the finish. I cracked open the bubbly and filled everyone’s glasses. Wow, What a brilliant celebration!

We then all walked back along the coast path to John O’Groats and the ‘official’ end point at the harbour side signpost. I’d finished my bottle of champagne by now so we retired to our sea view apartment for dinner…

Some stats:
Mileage count: 1,249.0
Pint count: 258
economy: 38.7mpg
Malt Whisky count: 29
Body weight: 85.0kgs
(only lost 4lbs)

Thanks to everyone for making donations to my chosen charity. We have achieved quite an impressive total. x

5 thoughts on “Day 72 (19.3 miles)”

  1. Well done Nick, a very nice account of your last day. It was great to be there to share your huge achievement with you. Wouldn’t your Dad be proud? Xx

  2. Well done Nick from the Family G. Amazing trip, great blog. We’ll miss it.

    Just begs the question, what next?


  3. Brilliant mate. well done!
    Looking forward to seeing all the photos. As your Mum said, your Dad would be well chuffed.
    Just enough time to train for a sub-9 Four Inns now!


  4. Many congratulations Nick. Maybe your next project could be to write a book about your walk, just like the one that inspired you.

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