Day 11 – Innerleithen to Melrose (19.4 miles)

Today really was the perfect day to be walking through the Scottish Border hills.
The climb up onto ‘Minch Moor’ from Traquair, was a little arduous, a guy walking past us said it was “Murder”, in a Taggert-like Scottish accent.
But having reached the high point of our climb the way ahead was utopian. Warm morning sunshine, clear blue skies, a cooling westerly breeze, a well defined track laid out before us. Everything was perfect.
After a whole morning of fantastic walking we decided to stop for lunch at ‘The Three Brethren’ (3 enormous cairns or ‘stone men’ each representing a local parish) alongside a trig point painted white (464m)
Next we descended to cross the ‘Tweed’ (a river in these parts) then we traversed more low-lying hills to reach the outskirts of Galashiels (a sort of neighbouring town to Melrose)…
From here a combination of the route and continuously high temperatures began to take it’s toll, the ‘pace’ began to slow to a plod… the scenery became decidedly more urban/urban decay… we were now keen to get to our destination, Melrose.
When we eventually arrived we were welcomed with an arrival party (Adele’s Mum & Dad had travelled countless miles to greet us) & cold alcoholic beverages. The accommodation and evening meal was pretty good too xx
Looking forward to a relatively easy day tomorrow.
Stats: Total Mileage: 182.6 Pint Count: 27

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  1. Glad to read that it was a good day, however still long . Nice of Elaine and Jim to support you both . Hope the rest is easier even if not as picturesque. Xx

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