Day 12 – Melrose to Lauder (10.5 miles)

After a very comfortable stay at the excellent Townhouse Hotel, (our evening meal really made it special) we set off with Jim & Elaine. (Adele’s Mum & Dad, they’d be joining us for a short walk this morning)
We had a quick look at Melrose Abbey, while we were in the area. It dates back to 1136, apparently Robert the Bruce’s heart is buried there? (The rest of him is in Dunfermline… who knows why!)
We crossed over the Tweed (river) via the famous Chain Bridge to the Gattonside side of the river (the north side), we’d eventually be heading north on a long straight ‘Roman’ road towards Lauder.
First we had to negotiate a few gentle slopes away from the river and after about two and a half miles we said our farewells to Jim & Elaine. Shortly after that we were on the ‘road’, we passed several groups of ‘young adults’ (probably doing something like the ‘Duke of Edinburgh award’) going the other way. My jolly ‘Good Morning’s mostly fell on deaf ears…
Now today wasn’t the shortest day, but it was probably the easiest. Our legs fit from over a week of walking, our spirits high nearing the North Sea, no steep or long climbs, it was all plain sailing…⛵️
We reached Lauder at about 2pm, just in time for a lunchtime sandwich and a quick pint before freshening up for dinner.
Stats: Total Mileage: 193.1 Pint Count: 31

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